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The Atmospheric Project (Beta)

Created by: The Eliminator, Dreddnott, Saxman, and company

General description: Designed to make XWA look and play more like Rogue Squadron, the Atmospheric Shipset looks to be one of the most optimistic projects around. Where XWA is set in space, the A.S.S. (as it's commonly known) is set on Hoth and Tatooine, with other planets likely to be added; ground units, bases, and atmospheric-restricted ships will be created. This is meant to set the stage for future missions and opts.

Visual description: One of the most impressive visuals are the skies. The project discovered how to create moving clouds and skies by looping backgrounds. The planet surface is nicely done as well, with the creation of mountains and plains. The planet looks outstanding from space.

Mission description: A simple mission meant more to show off what the project can look like than anything else. You just fly out of Echo Base on Hoth, go to a hyper-buoy, enter a space scene with some ISD's and ties (too far off to be much of a worry), hyper to Tatooine, and deliver a bacta capsule.

General review: This is an outstanding idea. Eliminator has a staff of editing and opt creating pros that should make the full release of A.S.S. something the XWA community can look forward to. He has talked about trying to recreate the Battle of Hoth with some interesting ideas on creating harpoons. The downside is that you can fly through the ground and enter space with no ill effects. With the new Ace version out, hopefully the project can create the necessary hitzones to fix this.

Overall - 5 Stars

Visuals - 5 Stars

Mission - 1 Star

Downloads: Get it at the Atmospheric Shipset website

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