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Screenshot from mission "The Legacy of Boba Fett"

The Legacy of Boba Fett

Number of missions: 8

Description: You are Sklya Fett, the half brother of the famed bounty hunter Boba Fett (you share the same mother). You have spent your life in the shadow of your infamous older brother, washing out of the Imperial Academy at Raithal and eventually ending up as a mercenary in the employ of the smuggler boss C.M.O.T. Dibbler. Now you have learned that your brother has been killed on the backwater planet of Tatooine, and you, as his only surviving relative, stand to inherit everything he accumulated during his illustrious career...if you can just live long enough to claim it!





Heir to the Empire

Number of missions: 4

Description: The Emperor is dead and his Empire is dying. For the past five years, incompetent leadership and political infighting have helped to bring down the lawful government as thoroughly and ruthlessly as the Rebel Fleet ever did. The remnants of the once proud Empire now struggle simply to maintain their tenuous grip on the sectors and systems that have remained loyal to the memory of our beloved fallen Emperor. But from the chaos of war and the darkest corners of the Unknown Regions a new figure has emerged to reunite the tattered fragments of Empire and put an end to the New Republic and the anarchy that has engulfed the galaxy: Grand Admiral Thrawn. You have been given the great honor of commanding the TIE squadrons of Thrawn's flagship, the Chimaera, and under his banner you will fly to immortal glory against the treacherous forces of the Rebellion.

Roots of the Rebellion

Number of missions: 11

Description: You are a good citizen, a veteran of the Clone Wars, you pay your taxes, obey Imperial laws, and generally have no problems with Palpatine's rule...so how did you, Halley Kadorto, get drawn into the Rebellion against the Empire? Two days ago you were a mere lieutenant in the Chandrila Defense Fleet, inspecting cargo ships and occasionally chasing after pirates and smugglers, but now you have fleets of Star Destroyers and hordes of trigger happy TIE fighters chasing after YOU! Worst of all, that madman Darth Vader seems intent on blasting you into the next galaxy! Only on thing is certain: Before your tour of duty is up, the Rebel Alliance will either give you a medal or a funeral.



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