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X-Wing Alliance Links

Alliance HQ
Woodzy. Excellent. News, downloads, forum, freq. updates.

Andy Kroell's Opts
Andy Kroell. Good (Great for Battlestar Galactica!) Opt d/ls, news, forum.

Atmospheric Shipset Project
Eliminator. Good. Home to one of the most interesting things going on with XWA! Project d/ls, news, forum.

Code Alliance
Stealth. Good. This is where most of the software and research for opt editing came from. Tutorials, d/ls, forum.

Corellian Engineering Corporation
Michael Andersen. Excellent. News, many excellent downloads, search engine, tutorials, utility d/ls.

Datamaster's Website
Defiant. Excellent. The place to go for opt development and research. Huge forum, some news, editor d/ls (but no opts), extensive links.

Dreddnott's Phelan Shipyards
Dreddnott. Good. Tons of opt d/ls (Dreddnott runs an opt factory!), some news.

Eye of the Force
Intimidator. Fair. Site still being developed (hey, me too). Some news, a couple d/ls.

Opt Review
Ypoknons. Good. The only place to get opt reviews and some downloads of hard-to-find ships. News, d/ls, detailed reviews.

SFA Tech
Vanor. Good. Site dedicated to Star Wars gaming. The home of CraftAdd. Forums, d/ls, events.

Star Viper's
Lieutenant General Jieni. Good. Great looking site for SW gamers who favor the Dark Side. News, extensive links.

Steele Aerospace
Steele. Good. Steele was one of the first opt designers. Lots of great opts, (German) forum, links, news.

Strategic XWA
Killmore. Fair. Another interesting project that looks like it's going to be revolutionary. Some news, project d/l, forum, lots of research.

Talon's XWA Starbase
Alfred Wong. Good. Site has it's own Star Wars comic! Mission d/ls, lots of images.

XvT Technologies
Derek. Good. Lots of good opt d/ls, mission d/ls, patches.

X-Wing Alliance Central
Damien. Good. Would be excellent if they updated it! Lots of mission d/ls, walk-thrus, links, (old) news.

X-Wing Alliance Network
CaliGirl. Excellent. Great site that covers pretty much everything. Forums, d/ls, links, news, frequent updates

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