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Author: Jek Franko

Screenshot from mission "The Jek Porkins Adventures"


The Jek Porkins Adventures

Number of missions: 3

Description: He's big, he's bald, he's old. He's Jek Porkins. The bulkiest man to ever fit in the cockpit of an X-Wing is famous for his brief and tragic participation to the Battle of Yavin. But little is known from his early exploits as an free trader and a Rebel pilot.

In the first chapter of "X-Wing Alliance: the Jek Porkins' adventures", discover how this small time food smuggler from Bestine IV joined the Rebel Alliance to become an average fighter pilot known for eating during mission and blowing up for no apparent reason.

Three missions putting you in the cockpit of the Mynock, Jek Porkins' YT-1300 light freighter. A larger than life adventure you don't want to miss!"

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