Adding Ships (Basic)

This is for the average person who doesnít want to bother with editing the .exe file, but would rather just add a new ship.

Something to keep in mind before you start is that you have to use the same type of craft when replacing, i.e.fighter for fighter, shuttle for shuttle, etc. If the ship has turrets, you must put it in as a shuttle or starship.

What changes when replacing the opt is the weapons and size. What stays the same is the hull strength, shield strength, weapon firing order, speed, maneuverability, etc. So youíll want to replace a craft with similar stats to the new one.

There's a couple downsides to this method. Number one, the weapons may not be set up right, so you'll see things like your laser cannons firing missles. Another bad thing is you're limiting yourself as far as stats go. The new craft is somewhat different, but when it comes down to it, it behaves virtually the same. Lastly, you can't replace any ship that has a separate external opt. These include the A-Wing, X-Wing, and others.

In this example, weíre going to add the IG-2000 in the place of the Tie Interceptor. This should be easy.

  1. Letís keep the previous opt, just in case we want to use it again. Go into the FLIGHTMODELS folder, find the old opt (TIEINTERCEPTOR.OPT), and rename it. The system I use it to keep it the same, just add an exclamation mark at the end. So now we have "TIEINTERCEPTOR.OPT!".
  2. Now to add the new opt to FLIGHTMODELS. Add the IG-2000.opt file and rename it to TIEINTERCEPTOR.OPT.
  3. Open up Shiplist.txt. Go to the reference for Tie Interceptor (Species #6) and rename it to IG-2000 (keep everything else the same). Save it.
  4. Open Strings.txt. Do a search for "Interceptor". Youíll see the reference line for the Tie Interceptor is "!KSPECTI!m". Now change the search to look for that reference. Change every "Tie Interceptor" to "IG-2000", and change the "T/I" to "IG". Save it.
  5. Thatís basically it. If you want to have your Tech Library show the IGís information, just edit the Specdesc.txt listing for the Interceptor.

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