Adding Ships (Advanced)

Welcome to the Dark Side! Here I'll show you how to add ships to reserved, unused slots. This gets really complicated at certain points, but if you keep track of what you've done, it should work great. The first reserved slot you use will be the easiest to do. As you add more and more, that's where it gets hard to keep straight.

In this example, we're going to put the Ssi-Ruuvi Battle Droid in the Reserved Container #1 slot. It's important to understand what exactly we're doing with this. We're connecting references in the Shiplist file to the Strings and .exe files. Shiplist uses one number for its species, but strings and xwingalliance.exe use a different number. The first "unknown" in Shiplist does NOT correspond to the first "unknown" in BinHexEdit. But you should understand how it works after going through this example.

  1. To start, add the srbdroid.opt file to the FLIGHTMODELS folder.
  2. Next, open the Spacecraft0.lst file in FLIGHTMODELS. Be sure that the box "Always use this program to open this file" is UNCHECKED, and open it with Wordpad.
  3. Add the line "FlightModels\Sbdroid.opt" to the end of the list. This is adding a new opt reference, so we need to note what number this reference is on our list. This being our first of these, it will be #154. Make a note of that, and save it.
  4. Open Shiplist.txt, and find Species #222. Replace "*Don’tUseMe" with "Ssi-Ruuvi Battle Droid" (be sure to remove the asterisk!). Change it from "Planet/asteroid" to "Shuttle/Light Transport". Change "NonFlyable" to "Flyable". Change "NoSkirmish" to "Skirmish". Save it.
  5. Next, we want to open up BinHexEdit. I'm not going to go into how to use that program other than as it concerns us here. Load it up for xwingalliance.exe like normal.
  6. Go to the section for "OPT File Location 1" and go to line #86, which is reserved container 1. Change the setting to "1". This indicates that the opt can be found in the FLIGHTMODELS folder. Write to file.
  7. Now go to the section for "OPT File Location 2" and go to line #86. Change the setting to "153", which is telling the program that the 154th line (153+1) of Spacecraft0.lst is where this opt is referenced. Write to file.
  8. Next go to "Ship Type", line #86. Change the setting to "1" for Shuttle/Light Transport. Write to file.
  9. Go to "Enable Ships", line #86 (see a pattern here?). Change the setting to "3" to enable. Write to file.
  10. Go to "Species Table", line #222. The id number indicates the species number in Shiplist.txt, and the value number (let's call it N) is the Nth line in the craft lists in Strings.txt, for future reference. We're going to use Reserved Container #1, so change the value to 86 (BHE gives the equations). Write to file.
  11. Go to the section for the first *Reserved Container (98/276). Put in the stats you want for the Ssi-Ruuvi Battle Droid. This is included in the srbdroid.txt file that came with the opt. Write to file.
  12. Finally, open Strings.txt. We need to update Strings' references, so we need to locate the first unnamed container. It happens to be "!KSPECCON0!". If you're unsure if you got the right slot, you can always count the lines down starting at "X-wing". So bring up every reference beginning with "!KSPECCON0!" and add "Ssi-Ruuvi Battle Droid", "Ssi-Ruuvi Battle Droids", and "S-R B/D" in the appropriate spots. Save it.

You're done! Test it out, because a lot of files were changed. If it doesn't work, go back over this checklist and make sure you entered everything properly.


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